• MM-400/800 Series

    MM-400/800 series incorporate key performance features expected in an advanced measuring microscope:

    • Greater Accuracy
    • Digital Imaging and Vision Processing Metrology
    • Larger Stage for Increased Sample Handling
    • Non-Contact Z-height Measurements
    • Coordination with Data Processing Systems DP-E1A
  • Monocular Video Microscope MZDH0670

    Zoom Monocular Video Microscope

    Magnification   0.58x ~ 7.0x (12:1)

    FOV(mm)          8X6 ~ 0.7X0.5

    Mount Holder    Ø45mm

  • Monocular Video Microscope MZDH0670C

    Zoom Monocular Video Microscope

    Magnification    0.58x ~ 7.0x (12:1)

    FOV(mm)           8X6 ~ 0.7X0.5

    Illumination         Co-axial, LED 1W/ 3W

  • Monocular Video Microscope MZDV0640

    Mini Zoom Monocular Video Microscope

    Magnification    0.6x ~ 4.0x (6.7:1)

    Standard WD     82mm

    Mount Holder     Ø35mm

  • Nikon Industrial Microscopes ECLIPSE LV100ND

    • Guarantee: 1 Years
    • Made in: Japan
    • Product brief:
      Microscope type
      Episcopic / Diascopic
      Stage / Stroke
      3 x 2 / 75 x 50mm
      6 x 4 / 150 x 100mm
  • Nikon SMZ745 / SMZ745T

    Nikon’s stereoscopic microscope with 7.5x zoom and 115 mm working distance – a superior model in this category

  • Stereo Microscope SMZ800

    • Guarantee: 1 Year
    • Made in: Japan
    • Product brief:

      Versatile stereo microscope with improved operability and basic performance.

      The SMZ800N offers higher magnification than conventional models, enabling high-resolution observation of minute structures. In combination with the new objective series, its improved chromatic aberration correction provides bright and sharp images through the entire viewfield. The parallel optics design allows ergonomic accessories and observation attachments to be used in a wide range of applications.