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FPD/LSI Inspection Microscopes ECLIPSE L300N / L300ND,Kính hiển vi công nghiệp nikon
Nikon > Industrial Microscopes
FPD/LSI Inspection Microscopes ECLIPSE L300N / L300ND
Code:ECLIPSE L300N / L300ND
Guarantee:1 year
Made in:Japan

Enhanced observation, durability and operational performance, combined with improved functionality between the microscope and digital cameras provide ideal imaging

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  • Application
  • Specifications
(Episcopic illumination type)
(Diascopic/Episcopic illumination type)
Main body 12V-50W halogen lamp light source built in; Power sources for motorized control built in 
Motorized control for nosepiece, Light intensity control, Aperture diaphragm control 
Nosepiece: Motorized universal sextuple nosepiece with nosepiece centering function
Epi/Dia changeover
Focusing mechanism Cross travel: 29 mm
Coarse: 12.7 mm per rotation (torque adjustable, refocusing mechanism provided)
Fine: 0.1 mm per rotation (in 1 µm increments)
Episcopic illuminator 12V-50W halogen lamp light source built in
Motorized aperture diaphragm (centerable), Fixed field diaphragm (with focus target)
Pinhole slider (optional), Four ø25 mm filters (NCB11, ND16, ND4), Polarizer and Analyzer can be mounted
Observation methods: Brightfield, Darkfield, Simple polarizing, DIC, Epi-fluorescence
Diascopic illuminator 12V-50W halogen lamp light source built in
Aperture diaphragm built in
LWD condenser built in
Interface USB x 1, RS232C (for Intensilight) x 1
Eyepiece tubes L2-TT2A Ultrawidefield erect-image tilting trinocular eyepiece tube (tilt angle: 0-30°) FOV: 22/25; Beamsplit ratio 100:0/20:80 
L2-TTA Ultrawidefield erect-image tilting trinocular eyepiece tube (tilt angle: 0-30°) FOV: 22/25; Beamsplit ratio 100:0/0:100 
LV-TI3 Trinocular eyepiece tube (erect image) FOV: 22/25; Beamsplit ratio 100:0/0:100
Eyepieces CFI eyepiece lens series
Objectives CFI LU/L Plan series
Stages 14 x 12 stage, stroke: 354 x 302 mm (Diascopic observation range: 354 x 268 mm)
Coarse/Fine-movement changeover possible
Fixed-position X-Y fine-movement controls
Antistatic mechanism 1000-10 V, within 0.2 sec
Power consumption 1.2 A/90 W
Dimensions Approx. 360 (W) x 951 (D) x 581 (H) mm (at tilt angle 10°)
Weight Approx. 64 kg (When L2-S8A 8 x 8 stage and L2-TTA eyepiece tube are used)

Eclipse L300N Series – FPD/LSI inspection microscopes

nikon metrology industrial microscopes upright Eclipse L300N series

Featuring Nikon's most advanced optics for unparalleled inspection of the latest wafer types.
Nikon Eclipse L300N/L300ND FPD / Wafer Inspection microscopes incorporate Nikon’s renowned CFI60 infinity optics, offering the world’s highest level of optical performance. The enhanced epi-fluorescence function, which enables 365nm UV excitation, is optimal for the inspection of semiconductor resist residues on 300mm wafers and organic electroluminescence displays.


  • Antennae
  • Telecom & Electronics
  • Telescope optics
  • Mobile phones, shavers & watches
Benefits & features

Epi-fluorescence Observation

The L300N/L300ND features powerful epi-fluorescence observation capabilities, widening the inspection range-- including 365 nm excitation. Diascopic illumination and various observation methods such as brightfield, darkfield, simple polarizing, and DIC are also possible. This observation versatility is highly beneficial in inspection of semiconductor resist residues and organic electroluminescence displays.

nikon metrology industrial microscopes upright brightfield observation of wafer pattern L300N

Brightfield observation of wafer pattern

nikon metrology industrial microscopes upright darkfield observation L300N

Darkfield observation

nikon metrology industrial microscopes upright dic observation L300N

DIC observation

nikon metrology industrial microscopes upright epi fluorescence observation organic subtsance on wafer L300N

Epi-fluorescence observation of organic substance on wafer

Motorized Mercury Fiber Illuminator

  • The Nikon Intensilight motorized mercury precentered fiber illuminator provides superior epi-fluorescence observation.
  • Lamp centering and focus adjustment are not necessary, even after lamp replacement.
  • The light source can be placed away from the microscope, reducing heat near the microscope and preventing defocusing.
  • Variable light intensity and shutter control provide excellent flexibility.
  • The lamp has an average lifespan of 2000 hours.

Four Times Brighter than Conventional Diascopic Observation

The L300ND employs a new light source and advanced optics to provide four times brighter illumination for Diascopic observation.

High-intensity 12V-50W Halogen Illuminator

The new high-intensity 12V-50W halogen illuminator is brighter than that of a standard 12V-100W illuminator.

  • Employs the LV-LH50PC precentered lamphouse, which offers greater brightness than that of a 12V-100W illuminator at half the power consumption. It is adequate for observation of semiconductors and LCDs.
  • Incorporating a lamphouse rear mirror and optimizing the size of the lamp filament allows effective and uniform illumination on the pupil plane, critical in an optical system. Objectives with a magnification of 50x or higher benefit from an increased brightness of 20 percent compared to the standard 12V-100W illuminator.
  • Features environmentally-friendly design and reduces thermal induced defocus.

CFI60 Optics Offer Long Working Distance and High NA

  • nikon metrology industrial microscopes upright CFI60 optics L300NNikon's original CFI60 optics offer both image brightness through high NA and wider sample range and access with long WD.
  • Provides clear, high-contrast brightfield images by minimizing flare.
  • The "fly-eye" lens array, which provides uniform illumination throughout the visual field, is employed for darkfield illumination optics, allowing remarkably bright, high-resolution darkfield images.

Motorized Universal Nosepiece

The new motorized universal nosepiece is three times more durable than conventional models.

  • Up to six objectives can be mounted.
  • Centering mechanism is possible at three nosepiece positions.
  • Improved centricity minimizes image shifting when the objective is changed, even with high magnification. This creates stable observations from high to low magnification.
  • An anti-flash mechanism engages when the nosepiece is rotated, to protect the operator's eye.

Target for Easier Focusing

nikon metrology industrial microscopes upright focusing target L300NInserting a focusing target in the optical path allows easy and accurate focusing on low-contrast samples, such as bare wafers.



Antistatic Coatings for Stronger Safeguards Against Contamination

Antistatic coatings have been applied to the body, stage, eyepiece tube and other various controls. These coatings strengthen safeguards against contamination and help prevent damage to samples caused by electrostatic charges, thus contributing to higher yields.

Tilting Trinocular Eyepiece Tube for Observation at Optimum Eyepoint Level

  • nikon metrology industrial microscopes upright tilting trinocular eyepiece tube L300NUltra-wide 25-mm field of view and eyepiece angle adjustment between 0° and 30°.
  • Allows operators to adjust eyepoint level to ensure a comfortable viewing position.





Fixed-position X-Y Fine Movement Control

The X-Y fine movement control is positioned close to the operator.
All controls are located near each other, allowing stage movements and focusing to be carried out with ease.

Easy Access Controls

The main control knobs and buttons are located at the front of the microscope for easy access.
Quick and easy microscope operation while viewing samples is possible.
Minimizes fatigue during lengthy observations.

NIS-Elements Imaging Software

Nikon's NIS-Elements Imaging Software provides optimized workflow observation, image capture, and analysis.

  • All aspects of image flow are supported, including setup for best viewing conditions, digital image capturing, processing and analysis.
  • Advanced features such as Large Image Stitching, Extended Depth of Focus, and Automatic Measurement
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