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thiet bi ve sinh
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Industrial Microscopes ECLIPSE LV150N / LV150NA,Kính hiển vi công nghiệp nikon
Nikon > Industrial Microscopes
Industrial Microscopes ECLIPSE LV150N / LV150NA
Guarantee:1 year
Made in:Japan
Microscope type
Stage / Stroke
  • 3 x 2 / 75 x 50mm
  • 6 x 6 / 150 x 150mm
Hotline 0985.333.877 - 0243.212.3727

  • Application
  • Specifications
Base unit: Maximum sample height: 38 mm (when used with LVNU5AI U5AI nosepiece and LV-S32 3x2 stage / LV-S64 6x4 stage)
* 73 mm when used with one column riser 12V50W internal power source for dimmer, coarse and fine adjustment knobs
Left: coarse and fine adjustment / Right: fine adjustment, 40 mm stroke Coarse adjustment: 14 mm/turn (with torque adjustment, refocusing mechanism) 
Fine adjustment: 0.1 mm/turn (1 μm/graduation) Stage mounting hole intervals: 70 x 94 (fixed by 4-M4 screw)
Nosepieces: C-N6 ESD Sextuple Nosepiece ESD LV-NU5 Universal Quintuple Nosepiece ESD LV-NBD5 BD Quintuple Nosepiece ESD LV-NU5I Intelligent Universal Quintuple Nosepiece ESD
Episcopic Illuminator: LV-UEPI-N
LV-LH50PC 12V50W Precentered Lamphouse Bright/darkfield switch and linked aperture stop (centerable), field diaphragm (centerable) Accepts ø 25 mm filter (NCB11, ND16, ND4), polarizer/analyzer, plate, excitation light balancer; equipped with noise terminator

LV-LH50PC 12V50W Precentered Lamphouse HG precentered fiber illuminator: C-HGFIE (with light adjustment) *option Bright/darkfield switch and linked aperture stop (centerable), field diaphragm (centerable), automated optical element switching feature matched to brightfield, darkfield, and epi-fluorescence switch Accepts ø 25 mm filter (NCB11, ND16, ND4), polarizer/analyzer, λ plate, excitation light balancer; equipped with noise terminator
Eyepiece tubes: LV-TI3 trinocular eyepiece tube ESD (Erected image, FOV: 22/25) 
LV-TT2 TT2 tilting trinocular eyepiece tube (Erected image, FOV: 22/25)
C-TB binocular tube (Inverted image, FOV: 22)
P-TB Binocular Tube (Inverted image, FOV: 22)
P-TT2 Trinocular Tube (Inverted image, FOV: 22)
Stages: LV-S32 3x2 stage (Stroke: 75 x 50 mm with glass plate) ESD compatible 
LV-S64 6x4 stage (Stroke: 150 x 100 mm with glass plate) ESD compatible
LV-S6 6x6 stage (Stroke: 150 x 150 mm) ESD compatible
Eyepieces: CFI eyepiece series
Objective lenses: Industrial Microscope CFI60-2/CFI60 optical system Objective lens series: Combinations in accordance with the observation method
ESD performance: 1000 to 10V, within 0.2 sec. (excluding certain accessories)
Power consumption:
Weight: Approximately 8.6kg

Eclipse LV150N - Digital imaging combined with advanced

optical system

nikon metrology industrial microscopes upright LV150NA manual, nosepiece type microscope which meets the various needs of observation, inspection, research and analysis across a wide range of industrial fields. Higher NA and a longer working distance than ever before means superior optical performance and efficient digital imaging.

Max. sample size: 150 x 150 mm.


  • Liquid Crystal Displays (lcd)
  • Antennae
  • Surface Examination
  • Telecom & Electronics
  • MEMS
  • Metallurgy
  • Implants/ Protheses
  • Composites
  • Fabrics/Textiles
  • Optoelectronics
  • Metal Manufacturing
  • Microelectronics
  • Wafers
  • Telescope optics
  • Mobile phones, shavers & watches
Benefits & features

Microscope type

  • Dedicated reflected illumination models
  • Manual type

Modularized microscope body applicable with various observations and tasks

Compatible with brightfield, darkfield, simple polarizing, DIC, epifluorescence and two-beam interferometry observations. It supports diverse and advanced research, analysis and inspection.

Compatible observation methods:

nikon metrology industrial microscopes upright compatible observation methods LV150N LV150NA

* Select suitable lens for each observation

Compatible stages

  • LV-S32 3x2 stage (Stroke: 75 x 50 mm with glass plate)
    *Can be fitted with LV-S32SPL ESD plate
  • LV-S6 6x6 stage (Stroke: 150 x 150 mm) 
    *Can be fitted with LV-S6WH wafer holder / LV-S6PL ESD plate
  • LV-SRP P revolving stage
  • P-GS2 G stage 2 (Used with stage adapter LV-SAD)

Newly developed CFI60-2 series

Newly developed CFI60-2 series provides the ultimate in long working distance levels and the most advanced chromatic aberration in a light weight body

CFI60-2 series offers higher NA and longer working distances than ever before.

nikon metrology industrial microscopes upright Eclipse objectives for brightfield observation

Objectives for brightfield observation (epi)

Easy digital imaging

nikon metrology industrial microscopes upright digital imagingInformation about the objective in use is detected and displayed on the camera control unit. In addition, the information is automatically converted into appropriate calibration data when changing magnification.

  • Digital Camera System for Microscopy Digital Sight Serie
  • Imaging Software NIS-Elements
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