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MF-501 | Digital height gages,Thước đo cao NIKON, NIKON Digimicro
Nikon > Digimicro
MF-501 | Digital height gages
Guarantee:1 year
Made in:Japan

MF-501 - Easy-to-operate, superior performance photoelectric digital counter
The MF-501 is a compact digital micrometer offering flawless contact measurements of dimensions, thickness and depth. It features a measuring length equal to 50 mm and accuracy of 1 µm at 20° C. Stands are available in ceramic, steel or granite for added stability and a wide variety of probe tips are available to suit most applications.

Hotline 0985.333.877 - 0243.212.3727

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  • nikon metrology digital micrometers MF 501

Measuring length equal to 50mm
Accuracy of 1 micron at 20°C
Readings as small as 0.1 µm or even 0.01 µm can be made depending on the counter
RS-232 and printer output are standard features

TC-101 counter
More compact and accurate than previous models
Smallest readable value is 0.01µm

nikon metrology digital micrometers TC 101 counter MF 501

Can be used with old-type digital micrometers and rotary encoders
Superior cost performance
RS-232C output and printer output are standard features                         
MFC-101 counter
A compact, single shaft counter for exclusive use with the MF-501 and MF-1001 with display
and resolution switching, direction switching, and display unit switching functions.

nikon metrology digital micrometers MFC 101 Counter MF 501

Can be attached to the head or placed outside.
RS-232C output and printer output are standard features.    
Readable travel 50 mm (2”)
Minimum readout value 0.1 µm (switchable determined by the counter used)
Measuring angle Useable in down or sideways position
Measuring force – variable Down 115-165 gf; Lateral 66-125 gf
Response speed 500 m/second or better
TC-101 Table-top Counter tech specs Inches/mm: Inch or Metric (switchable); Display: 10-segment LED display; Minimum readout: 0.01, 0.05, 0.1, 0.5, 1.0 micron (0.0000005", 0.000002", 0.000005", 0.00002", 0.00005") dip switch on back; Functions: Zero reset button on front, preset, pulse check, zero blanking; RS232: RS232 output (with optional cable); Power: 12 V DC adapter - available in 120 V or 240 V models; Optional: Extension cable 2 m (6 ft) counter to Digimicro head
MFC-101 Compact Counter tech specs Mounting: Can be mounted directly on the Digimicro; Inches/mm: Inch or Metric (switchable); Display: 7-segment LED display; Minimum readout: 0.1, 0.5, 1.0 ,ocrpm (0.000005", 0.00002", 0.00005") setting by switch on back; Reset: Zero reset button on front; RS232: RS232 output (with optional cable); Power: 12 V DC adapter - available in 120 V or 240 V models
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