ViTiny UM12 Digital Microscope

ViTiny UM12 5MP USB Auto-Focus Long Working Distance Digital Microscope
USB connection to a PC (Windows systems: XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10); 5MP CMOS sensor; Autofocus; Long working distance; 10x to 280x on 21.5″ monitor; High quality images; Measurement capabilities; Easy to use software; Sturdy steel stand. USB connection also work on Android devices and Mac computers. (different app and software are needed).


ViTiny UM12 is connected to computer with an USB cable. The included software can be used to control auto-focus, view live images, capture photos and videos, do measurement after calibration, and edit images. The UM12 has fast focus speed and long working distance. The LED lights can be controlled individually, which can improve the image depth and reduce reflection noises. The metal body is sturdy for factory floor applications and is ideal as build-in micro camera for large machines. The full set includes a height adjustable metal stand, which is very convenient for professionals. The UM12 is ideal for a variety of applications including machine shop operation and inspection, textile inspection, detailed watch and electronics repair, printing inspection, computer parts inspection, living creature examination, reading aid, and collectibles examination such as coins and stamps



·    Magnification:               10x to 280X on 21.5” monitor
·    Lens & CMOS sensor:    5M pixels
·    Working distance:         9.6mm to 140mm
·    Video Resolution:          1600×1200; 1280×800; 800×600; 640×480; 2592×1944
·    Frame rate:                  30FPS (resolution: 640×480), 15FPS (resolution: 1600×1200, MJPG), 2FPS (resolution: 2592×1944, YUY2)
·    Autofocus:                    Single Autofocus or Continuous Autofocus
·    Light Source:                8 white LED lights
·    Preview Resolution:       2592×1944, 1600×1200, 1280x 960, 1280×800, 1024×768, 800×600, 640×480
·    USB 2.0 High-Speed Transmission, Web Cam function
·    Metal steel stand:         360 degree rotation and height adjustment
·    Software with Measurement Functions: Length, Circumferences, Radius, Diameter, Area, Angle, Image Comparison, etc.
·    Far Distance Control Mode: Control all functions through Software without a single button touch on the microscope