• COXEM CP-8000

    CP-8000 is a cross section polisher(CP) using an argon ion beam to polish surfaces of a specimen. As accelerated Ar ion beam reaches the sample in the vacuum condition, atoms of sample surface separate from it.

    CP-8000 is suitable to prepare clean cross section for measurement instruments such as SEM, EDS, EBSD, WDS and etc.

  • COXEM EM-30/ 30N /30C Series

    A product of COXEM ’s steady investment for technology and development with a view to the era of nano-mechatronics, can deliver clear images without noise even at high magnification and scan an even wider area with its panorama feature.

  • COXEM Ion Sputter Coater SPT-20

    Th​e ion co​ater, SPT-20, is a device used for coating conductive materials (Au, Pt, Pd, Pt-Pd) onto the sample surfaces by using DC sputtering princi​ple. Non-conductive samples are also used for observation under electron microscopes, and they are used to protect the sample surfaces from the injected electron beam and to help the electron flow. It can be used as an electrode formation of thin film type too.


    SELPA(Scanning ELectron Microscope for Particle Analysis) is an automated large area particle analyzer, which is developed based on SEM(Scanning Electron Microscope)

  • CX-200Plus

    The CX-200plus offers high resolution imaging capabilities at a very attractive price. After evaluating the CX-200plus, your search for the most cost effective solution will be an easy decision.