• iNEXIV VMA-2520

    iNEXIV VMA-2520 – High-speed, high accuracy benchtop video measuring system.

    Designed to meet demanding manufacturing requirements with automated measurements of mechanical parts, electronic devices, dies & molds and medical devices.

  • MM-400/800 Series

    MM-400/800 series incorporate key performance features expected in an advanced measuring microscope:

    • Greater Accuracy
    • Digital Imaging and Vision Processing Metrology
    • Larger Stage for Increased Sample Handling
    • Non-Contact Z-height Measurements
    • Coordination with Data Processing Systems DP-E1A
  • NEXIV VMZ-R4540

    High precision, high-speed and easy measurement of various samples

    Designed for middle size components and/or series measurements of multiple pieces on the stage, including mid-size mechanical parts, molded parts, flat panels and PCBs.

  • NEXIV VMZ-R6555

    Offering high precision for larger sample sizes

    Suitable for large size components and/or “step-and-repeat” measurements of multiple pieces on the stage.

  • Nikon Camera DS-Fi3

    Compact, high-definition, high-speed and high-sensitivity C-mount camera

    DS-Fi3 is a high-definition color microscope camera equipped with a 5.9 megapixel CMOS image sensor. Its high-speed data readout, superior color reproduction and high quantum efficiency are optimal for imaging in various observations, such as brightfield, DIC, phase contrast and fluorescence observation.
  • Nikon Industrial Microscopes ECLIPSE LV100ND

    • Guarantee: 1 Years
    • Made in: Japan
    • Product brief:
      Microscope type
      Episcopic / Diascopic
      Stage / Stroke
      3 x 2 / 75 x 50mm
      6 x 4 / 150 x 100mm
  • NIKON L300/200N Seriers

    Enhanced observation, durability and operational performance, combined with improved functionality between the microscope and digital cameras provide ideal imaging

  • NIKON MA100N

    Introducing a durable, user-friendly Inverted Microscope with superior image quality, a small footprint and great cost performance.

    The MA100N is a compact inverted microscope designated for bright field and simple polarizing observations. Responding to the requests from manufacturing and QA/QC sections in a variety of industries, Nikon developed this simple but durable model which enables high contrast image observation and capture. Further, the high intensity LED illumination reduces the need for frequent lamp replacement.