AXYZAX AXCEL 3-dimensional coordinate measuring machine, 3D measuring machine, CMM, ACCRETECH 



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With the point measurement models of the AXCEL series, you can select from among various specifications based on your specific needs.






Temperature range for guaranteed accuracy / X-axis guide cover

As the temperature range for guaranteed accuracy for XYZAX AXCEL PH, you can choose between 16 – 26°C (standard) and 15 – 30°C (option) (for all sizes).
If you select 16 – 26°C as the temperature range for guaranteed accuracy for 9/15/6 or smaller size, you can choose not to use the
X-axis guide cover.
You can select specifications according to the installation environment of the measuring machine and your budget.

Base cover

You can also select whether or not to use the base cover intended to cover the lower part of the machine (when the size of machine is Z600 or smaller and the optional air anti-vibration unit is not used).
Not using the base cover is effective when you want to keep the initial cost as low as possible.

Measurement and analysis software

There are two types of measurement and analysis software that you can select to use for XYZAX AXCEL PH. “CALYPSO” lets you import
CAD models and conduct measurement and analysis graphically. “XYANA2000” is simple-tooperate software that you can use just like vernier calipers.

Probe composition

The probe composition of XYZAX AXCEL PH can be selected according to whether the measurement position is to be changed automatically or manually, as well as your specific needs such as the use of modules that differ in the stylus length, measurement force, etc.
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