Vitiny UM06 digital microscope includes an integrated digital camera, can be connected to a computer with a USB cable, autofocus, accompanying software allows users to observe images directly, capture re-image, and measure and edit.




ViTiny UM06 tabletop digital microscope is a total autofocus digital microscope camera with a variety of features which make it easy to use. Features like exchangeable lenses, 5MP high definition, HDMI and USB connection make this an ideal choice. The UM06 microscope is easy to set up and operate which makes it useful for laboratories and classrooms. The UM06 can be plugged into a computer with a USB cable, or a high resolution monitor can be connected with an HDMI cable (1080P high quality). The included ViTiny software allows users to view a live image, capture images and videos, take measurements and edit the photos. Users can control focus, zoom, white balance, exposure value and luminance through the IR remote control. The lenses are exchangeable. Within the focal range, you can choose suitable image parameters in order to ensure the best image quality.

Package contents: UM06 digital microscope; HDMI cable; USB 2.0 cable; power adaptor; S107 stand; stand guide; white balance card; calibrator; user’s guide; software CD; IR remote control; 4x DIN objective lens.

Optional: 10x objective lens kit (include DIN 10x objective lens; LED light case; 2 connection cable)





      • Working distance :14cm ~3.5cm (4x lens, standard); (4.51mm to 7.70mm for optional 10x lens)
      • Magnification: 13x ~ 300x on 23” monitor for 4x lens (standard); 280x ~ 1018x on 23″ monitor for 10x lens (optional)
      • CMOS Sensor :5 M pixel resolution
      • Dimension: φ 106 * 141.6 mm
      • Built-in 30 top view LED lights with adjustable brightness
      • USB 2.0 Transmission

      Mode# 1:USB Connection to a PC

      • Autofocus control from the software, save captured image in JPEG or BMP format, 2D measurement, compare inspection images with optional JPEG or BMP import
      • Device platform compatibility: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Macintosh OS X.4.8+ and Linux with UVC driver
      • AP platform: Windows XP, Vista,  Windows 7 & Windows 8

       Mode# 2 : HDMI Connection to a monitor

    • IR remote control focus system
    • HDMI signal output 1080P HD images
    • Response time: 30 time frame
    • Built-in external light socket
    • Power source: DC12V/1A input; cable length: 180cm